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Welcome to the website of Josh Rozier

You are now viewing a website that was written by using only HTML tags. It was kinda tough, but you can find anything on the internet!

You probably read a few of my hobbies/interests on my other page, but what I didn't tell you was the rest of my hobbies and interests! Here they are (in order):

  1. Football

  2. Music

  3. Hamburgers

Details of my Favorites

I told you a few of my favorite things, but I didn't, for instance, tell you what my favorite team is. Here are a few details:
  • My favorite football team: The Dallas Cowboys
  • My favorite type of music: Metal
  • My favorty hamburger joint: WHATABURGER

I Love music!
Here's a guy who can shred!

Here's a few links to look at

Natalia Fofanova Professor Fofanova's website
University of Houston This will take you to the University's Website
College of Technology The College of Technology is where my major is
Musician's Friend My favorite website!
My Resume Take a peek at my resume

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